How To Choose The Perfect Fit Body Shaper

Our shapewear products are an effective way to slim and smooth your unique figure under a variety of clothing, for virtually any occasion and clothes type.

In ShapeWear SIZE you can find all-over body shapers that enhance everywhere including the bust, waist, hips, thighs and butt. These styles can come in various compression levels depending how much heavy-duty shaping and highlighting curves you want.

It's jauntily important to wear a garment that fits correctly with your body shape and size. Whenever you shop for any type of shaping garment, be sure to take accurate measurements (waist, hip and etc.). Sizes on shapewear can vary by different body types, so don’t just assume that because you wear a small in other garments that you’re going to fit that size in a shaper (just check the sizechart for each one of our products or use the filters).

If you want to use body shapers to help improve your confidence, enhance your workout and your passion is body shaping, there are many options that can help you reach your goals, just check our Best Sellers.

Most important:
- Compression - The compression level make a big difference when it comes your results (with or without) wearing shapewear.
- Type - Depending on whether you will be wearing leggings, skirts, pants, a short or a long dress, you need to choose correctly your body shaper underwear. You can read more about "How To Choose Right Type Of Underwear For Your Body".
- Color - If you decide to wear white or very light colored clothes, we recommend that you choose a beige, ivory and nude color.
- Fit - Wearing a size too small is not only uncomfortable, but it will give you unflattering results. If you’re in between sizes, choose the larger one.
- Quantity - Dear ladies, don't forget to be extra careful about your shapewear in those days of the month. It’s wiser to carry an extra pair of underwear with you, in case you need to change it in the middle of the day, therefore, we recommend that you buy at least two pieces of your favorite product.

- You might be tempted to go a size smaller in order to get more dramatic slimming results, but when it comes to shapewear, this is a huge mistake. Just purchase your suitable size!
- Above all else, your shapewear style should be unique to you. The truth of the matter is that every lady has her own sense of style. Don’t be afraid to unleash it and choose body shapers that just scream you. You won’t regret it!