How To Choose Right Type Of Underwear For Your Body

Underwear or panty is one of the important parts of the basic lingerie any woman wears and loves to swap. Most ladies start their daily regime by changing the pair of underwear body shapers.

The correct pair of underwear body shaper with a particular dress can you make you feel like the prettiest goddess. Women wear a variety of dresses, skirts, trousers, pants and etc. and hence require different types of underwear for different occasions.

So, let us help you with the basic of underwear and discuss how to wear them correctly with any wear type.

The right choice of underwear can make an outfit really cool. Let us explore the wide world of shapewear and quickly do a crash-course in perfect underwear body shapers!

Right body shaper underwear for your outfit:

Type: 1
Suitable for all type of dresses and mid to long skirts.

Type: 2
Suitable for office wears (incl. pants and leggings).

Type: 3
Suitable for mini skirts and dresses.

Type: 4
Suitable for pants or delicate bottoms.

Type: 5
Suitable for all shirts with mid to long sleeves.

All of these five types of Shapewear Size's underwear are suitable to wear on party, work, holiday, wedding, engagement, and etc. They will support your body for all day.

Whenever you plan to buy new underwear, take the correct measurements and get yourself the right sized underwear for the best comfort. Our products are as different as different people curves - some want to tuck their bellies, others have too weak legs and want to emphasize their shape and curves.

Dear ladies, do not forget to be extra careful about your undergarments in those days of the month (yes, exactly these days). It’s wiser to carry an extra pair of underwear with you, in case you need to change it in the middle of the day, therefore, we recommend that you buy at least two pieces of your favorite product.