Tips on how to measure your body

We know that people and their sizes are very different and strictly individual. Therefore, before you buy any of our products, we urge you to measure your personal size, because each product is designed for a different body type. Some are large, others small. Some have wide thighs, others have narrow thighs. Some have a very large bust, others have a smaller one. Some want to emphasize their buttocks, others want to retract their abdomen. We offer products for every one of them.

When taking your measurements, always use a cloth measuring tape (like tailors). For the most accurate results, have someone else measure you.  Also, make sure the tape measure is held snugly and firmly (but not tight) against your body and is always parallel to the floor for circumference measurements.

Remember to wear proper undergarments (thin matter).

If you wear a special support bra for riding (for example after implant surgery), your measurements should be taken with that bra on. Measure around the fullest part of the bust (the most protruding). This measurement is taken above the band of your bra. Don't worry if it's not be the same as your bra size.

Measure the smallest (the narrowest) part of the waist. The natural waist is below the rib cage and usually above the belly-button. Do not squeeze the abdomen unnecessarily.

The hip measurement is taken at the widest part of the hips (around your bottom). Don't worry if your size is not 35-23-35 (Bust-Waist-Hips). You are unique and with our products you can emphasize your beautiful curves. People today enjoy seeing beautifully accentuated curves, not just bones like an "upholstered skeleton", but we have products for them also.

 This is what one of our sample size tables looks like:

As for stockings and tights that help with symptoms of varicose veins, edema or even after liposuction, we recommend that you take your measurements in the morning (immediately after waking up). It is very easy. Just measure your Thigh, Calf and Ankle. We would recommend nude (beige) color.

We will give you another reason why it is profitable to shop from us. Because we give you advice that will be financially profitable. If you want to use our shaping underwear and compression stockings, we recommend that you wash them only by hand with lukewarm soapy water (do not wash them in the washing machine).

Now you are ready to get your perfect fit bodyshaper.

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