TOP 10 Body Shapers Trending in 2021 So Far

Well, we’re halfway through 2021! Beauty may have been put on the back-burner for a little while, but we’re thrilled it’s starting to make a comeback! Over the last few months, you guys have been going crazy for new arrived products as well as bought again your favourites. So, today, we’re sharing with you the top 10 products that have been flying off our shelves this year.

1) Full Body Arm Butt Waist Shaper

One of the biggest trends of the year has been ‘full body shaper’. It is available in 2 colors and all sizes. 

2) Shaping Arm Compression Sleeves

The super-elastic giving arm shapes are comfy and perfect fit on your body, and with few colors available, we reckon you’ll soon be adding them all to your body-shapers! 

3) Butt Lifter Panties Body Shaper

Say goodbye to slack tummy and hello to a well-emphasized body curves, just from the shelves of ShapeWear SIZE. It transforms your belly in just one easy dress-up! It’s nothing short of a delight to wear!

4) Pantyhose Compress Tights 30-40 mmHg

Once upon a time, an original shapers purpose was to to be worn only after birth or other surgical interventions. However, nowadays, they are so much more, and we’re loving in! Compression stockings and tights by ShapeWear SIZE boasts a lot of incredible leg-loving benefits, including tired legs and soothing the skin while also minimising the appearance of edema, have a beneficial effect on varicose veins and it keeps your legs look fresh.

Want to know more? Check out our blog posts here: Discover the perfect body shaper for your body type with ShapeWear SIZE. 

5) Satin Silk Pyjama Set Sleep Sleeveless

As one of the latest products to go viral on Instagram, it’s no surprise the Pyjama from ShapeWear SIZE has made our top 10 in 2021 so far! Its comfy and fashion style take the body from drab to fab in just an one use! Your body shapes appear instantly more alluring, it’s no wonder everyone was clambering to get their hands on it!

6) Shaping Steel Boned Cincher

Hailed as ‘the best body-shaper they ever used’ by many happy reviewers, the Cincher with Steel Boned by ShapeWear SIZE is a must-try! The benefits just keep coming!

7) Slimming Effect Top Shaper

Use the iconic Slimming Effect Top Shaper to emphasise your curves at home or on the go. For us (and apparently many of you too), it's a winner!

8) Breathable Belly Shaper Butt Panties

The genius body shaper gives you the same kind of coverage you’d expect with it! This is an easy to use body shaper that’s perfect for when you’re on the go or at home. It’s no wonder everyone was clambering to get their hands on it!

9) Body Shapewear Corset Tummy Control

 Look no further than the Body Shapewear Corset Tummy Control by ShapeWear SIZE. Take it if it is available, because others will overtake you!

10) Shapewear Anti Cellulite Compression


The reviews are in, and you have been going crazy for the Shapewear Anti Cellulite Compression from ShapeWear SIZE. And it’s no surprise, with its super-elastic formula and comfy fabric, it turns your body to fine in just one dress-up. 

How many of these top 10 trending products have you tried? Head over to to add them all to your basket or to find something new, and who knows -  maybe that will be trending later in the year or next one too!