TOP NINE Tips for Choosing the Right Shapewear

Would you like smoothed out every lump you have and improve them to sexy curves. That just turn your impression into opposite. It's like digital filters for your living, breathing, three-dimensional and fully real body. For example, the most celebrities wear shapewear on the red carpet but why not you. We offer you amazing body shapers suitable for all unique body types and prefers, in-depend you're man or woman, short or tall, ... you're just special for us. We from ShapeWear SIZE propose get your perfect fit body shaper with attractive discount (up to -70% OFF) from the regular price.

But, how do you decide which will work best for your unique body? Here's a short list to choosing the best shapewear for you:

1. Material - If you've been used to wearing only cotton fabrics so far, you've probably noticed that they don't shape your body well enough. In the most cases, shaping underwear is made of artificial elastic fabrics (such as nylon, spandex, polyester, cotton blend, microfiber, etc.) and thus provide maximum lightness, comfort and compression (they are sufficiently elastic). Some of models are made with valves breathability and microfiber for odor control (full opened or with zipper) and includes cotton for moisture absorption.

2. Color - Choose the color that will blend with the color of the clothes you wear. For example, if you are wearing white or light clothes, choose nude, ivory or white color body shaper underwear. We recommend that you buy one of each color so that you do not feel limited in your choice of garment types and colors.

3. Size - Check our size chart. The dimensions for each model are different because people's bodies are different. Don't worry if you generally wear size L, but according to the size chart M or XL is suitable for you. If you are between sizes, simply size up. Our advice for your proper body sizing is early in the morning after getting up (before breakfast).

You can look really cool with our body shapers!

4. Full body shaper - General from the name itself, it is clear that it is a shapewear that compresses the whole body. In most cases, such clothing is preferred to be worn after surgery or childbirth.

5. High - waist body shaper - With this model of body shaper you will not have to worry about your relaxed belly by wearing a stylish dresses, pants and skirts.

6. Butt shaper - Yes, we know that many men and women dream to reduce and change the look of their butt without surgery and now we offer them with irresistible price our butt shapers.

You know our body shapers are absolutely invisible under your clothes and nobody knows you wear shapewear but everyone is impressed by your tight and well-shaped body.

7. Legs - Well-shaped legs impress everyone. However, we will point out another advantage of compression stockings and tights - wearing them helps with tired legs from stand up straight for a long time, edema and varicose veins.

8. Fat burning - Prolonged standing in one place or at home arouses interest in clothes that cause sweating. With them, your workout will be more productive in terms of fat burning and weight loss. In our store there are many fitness shapers such as belt, vest, short and combined.

9. Arms - Do you dream of arm shaper? These body shapers ives pressure to your arm the arm looks less fat and looks slimmer and firm.